Dear friends!
I don't know how you have found my website but I am sincerely glad to welcome you here.
This site is devoted to wolves. In general, wolves are quite popular animals on open spaces of the Internet, the only thing is that very often people that write about them saw wolves only on pictures and even don't have any idea how actually these animals are.
I will try to collect together everything, what I know about wolves, to elucidate all the parties of wolves' life in the nature and their relationship with people. These are both my personal observations and opinion of people that professionally study these cleverest creations of the nature, hunters' stories and opponents of hunting for wolves.
And as discussion of such questions seldom passes peacefully, I ask to familiarize with local rules - there are few of them:
- Be mutually polite, and everything will be good! Come in, express yourself, any opinion can be stated and discussed. Any insults, nationalist statements and so on are inadmissible.
- The owner of the given site in the same measure is to nobody and nothing obliged, as well as you are obliged by nothing to him. Any questions and requests are possible, any demands are senseless.
- The owner of the given site is always right on the territory of the given site. Even if he is mistaken excuse me, democracy doesn't live here.

Finally, I wrote how a first self-made car was created and added photos ...

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Let's have fun a little bit!
While blogging and exploring the net, I gathered one of the funniest stories, to my opinion. Think you'll share my laugh with me...

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Mental activity
My thoughts about training our brains.
My way of thinking is quite primitive, plain and simple. Probably it is possible to train ones brains like muscles. The more often you train that is exercise the better it is!...

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