Let's have fun a little bit!
While blogging and exploring the net, I gathered one of the funniest stories, to my opinion. Think you'll share my laugh with me.
This happens when a non-English speaker comes to USA and starts declaring his rights.
One Italian spent some days at a hotel, where he was badly treated. This is his letter to the hotel's boss.
-Dear bossa, I wanna tella you how I was treated at your hotela.
I entered the room and see no shit on my bed. I calla down to recepzione and said I have no shit on my bed. They asked me "You wanna shit on your bed?" I said yes, I wanna shit on my bed. So they tella me go to the toilet.
Then I go in restaurante to eat soma breakfast.
I tell the waitress I wanna two piss toast.
She branga me only onea piss, I tell her I wanna two piss, she say go to the toilet. I say you no understand. I wanna two piss on my plate. She say you better no piss on the plate you Sonna Ma Bitch. I don't even know the lady and she call me Sonna Ma Bitch! Then at dinna I came and see no fock at the table. There was a spoon, a nife, but no fock.I said I wanna fock. Waitress said, sure every wants to fuck. I said no, I wanna fock on my table. She said, you better not fock on the table, you Sonna Ma Bitch! What is Sonna Ma Bitch?
Bossa, I wanna tell you I never come to you hotella anymore, you Sonna Ma Bitch!

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07.09, Sandy:
thanks for visiting my blog, you've got some interesting fun facts here.
i think you can watch The Devil Loves Prada online if you search for it. I rented the DVD though.

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