First self-made car.

And lastly but not leastly:) - the creative work is a very absorbing process.
To sum up, it was decided to build a new car.
The main difficulties happened (strange though) not during the building process. It was much more difficult to get the necessary materials. The engine, gearbox and transmission pieces were possible to buy, though with plenty of troubles.

The difficulties arose with the materials for the car body: the cold-rolled metal, rivets, welding material were not sold to the private citizens ? the Soviet Union had no such shops!
While to register the car it was necessary to represent the documents, confirming the legality of every piece purchase.

Moreover the requirements to the homemade cars, despite some relaxation, were still extremely severe. For example, it was prohibited to use the power unit (engine) with the cubic capacity exceeding 1200 cm3, which limited the choice of the engine to ?. only one engine from Zaporozhets car.
This predetermined the unusual arrangement of the car: the power unit is placed from the rear, the transmission was connected to the rear wheels, the independent suspension of every wheel and the boot was set in the front part of the car.

Such an arrangement proved to have a lot of positive points.
The lack of cardan drive allowed to make the car?s bottom flat, the placed above the drive wheel engine increased the application force ? all this made the cross-country capacity and steerability of the car better, especially on the difficult off-road conditions.
I will not describe the process of car building (for those interested I can publish upon request) as now the technological solutions and tricks might astonish a lot. It is enough to say that all the works ? from design planning and welding to assembling and painting were carried out with my father's hands in the common garage in the courtyard of our house. The works were performed over week-ends and in the evenings of the week-days and lasted for 5 years from the first sketch to the first driving (1971).
Even the Prince Dakar from Jules Verne?s novel had more technical capacities in his car.
Though I should confess the car turned out to be good ? it served hand and foot for more than 15 years ? nearly every day, in summer and winter, in any weather and covered more than 500 000 Kilometers.
First made car

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