About me

This is my first attempt to measure a car by myself!
There is a car made by my father behind me! As you can see the body shell of this car has been made of veneer wood instead of iron.

My name is Stig,
This is not my real name, but a pseudonym. Actually it is an abreviation of (Subaru Technica International) – so is called the sport department of Subaru company and I am interested in this company for a long time.

All my life, from the very young ages I was interested in cars.

First, I was very lucky with my father. He built two cars by himself. Of course I was very interested in this, so I had where from to learn. First time I tried to drive a car wheen I was in my early seven. When I was eleven I could easily to drive a car, but the most important is that my interest for cars follows me till present.

Unfortunately I had not any chance to practice motor racing as I was born in Sybiria during the Soviet Union regime. So my interest in cars was just a passion…

But, this is live – not eachone can became Shumacher. But eachone can create his own blog and to tell about everything.

I have meet a lot of intersting persons in my life, whereof I would like to tell you. But regarding cars and motor racing - it is an enless topic for discussion.